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What is Fix Forward?

No they don’t. All our contractors are independent and run their own businesses. Fix Forward provides entrepreneur training and connects them to additional business to supplement their own client base.

We use a rigorous screening process to assess both the technical skills as well as the character and soft skills of each tradesman, including thorough reference checks.

We currently operate in the greater Cape Town area, with plans to expand into other areas in the near future.

Hiring a contractor

Because each situation is unique and often difficult to describe accurately over the phone, our tradespeople will have to visit your premises before you receive a quote.

You can, although we recommend you at least let us know before you do so. Our contractors have only been assessed in their specific trade and we cannot vouch for other work done. We also cannot give any guarantees on the quality of work that other contractors they refer will deliver.

Many contractors have their own vehicles. All of those who don’t do have access to transport and so you needn’t collect or drop off them or their team. It’s all part of making sure you get a hassle-free service.

All our contractors own the basic tools of their trade. If any specialist tools are required which they do not own, they will be able to hire them.

We recommend that even for subsequent jobs you hire your contractor through Fix Forward. This way you are covered both by our public liability insurance and by our promise to help resolve any unforeseen problems that might arise.

No. All our contractors are not only skilled in their specific trade, but are able to manage projects themselves with confidence. They all have experience in supervising their own teams and so all you need to do is explain what should be done and let them get on with it.

Some of our contractors do run multiple contracts and therefore might not be on-site all of them time. We do expect them to be sufficiently on-site to make sure their team is working well and to answer any questions or concerns you have. We suggest that before the contract commences you check with your contractor when they will be on-site during the project.

Our contractors can arrange to purchase materials for you. There is a time and transport cost associated with this which would be built into the overall quotation.

Paying a contractor

We generally require a 50% deposit upfront. For larger contracts these terms are negotiable.

Our contractors are not labourers and don’t work on day rates. They scope the work and you will receive a quote on the full contract.

We largely leave it up to the contractors to work out a fair quote for the contract, although we do moderate the quotes for price before sending out. The cost will always be more than getting a labourer off the side of the road, but the value our tradespeople deliver in terms of a professional, hassle-free service is well worth the money.

All quotes are for the job regardless of how long it takes to complete. The price agreed upon will always be the amount due.

Quotes can be amended partway through a contract in which case you should let us know of those changes. We will then issue a second quote detailing the additional works.

Trust and guarantee

Yes. Our contractors all take pride in their work and will happily rectify any snags or problems that you might pick up.

Yes, we will. As the one recommending the contractors to you we have a responsibility to make sure you get the level of service you are paying for. In the rare instance where things do go wrong we make a commitment not to walk away until all reasonable claims made by the client have been resolved.

Absolutely. Many of our clients are single women and we never have any hesitation in recommending them to allow our contractors into their home. Not only have we put a great deal into finding trustworthy contractors but were things to go wrong on a Fix Forward contract the contractors would risk losing out on hundreds of thousands of Rands of future business. Our tradesmen therefore make sure they only work with people in their team whom they can fully trust.